Reikarnasi plastik
is a short program held by Gudskul Collective Study to discuss environmental issues, particularly the use of plastic, through an artistic approach. GudRnD and Stuffolab participate in sharing their knowledge and working practices with the public.
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Through this internship program, students can gain experience in managing plastic waste and developing skills that are relevant to the needs of the industry. Thus, students can play a vital role in creating a better environment and making a positive contribution to the industry sector they are interested in.
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open lab

Through this open lab, we provide an opportunity for artists, designers, researchers, architects, makers, hackers, technicians, and anyone else to experience direct experimentation and create works, products, or prototypes together in our workshop.

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Is one of the mini gigs events that we hold at our workshop. This event is filled with a combination of workshops and hands-on activities, allowing participants to learn, explore, and create something creative.

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